Norwich’s intu Chapelfield shopping centre renamed ‘Chantry Place’

Norwich’s Chapelfield shopping centre has been renamed as Chantry Place after 15 years of trading.

According to a report by ITV, Its new name, Chantry Place, pays homage to the lesser-known history of the site, embracing the area’s mediaeval heritage as a secular college and chapel, built during the 1200s, which was known as a chantry. Chantry Road runs along the side of the centre and Chapelfield Plain has now been renamed Chantry Square.

Chantry Place centre manager Paul McCarthy, said: “The change in name is another important chapter in our story. Our aim to deliver the best shopping and dining experience possible, support our retailers, and celebrate and support our local community remains our top priority.

“While there’s no immediate change for shoppers, we’re sure that everyone will soon get used to calling us Chantry Place.”

Stefan Gurney, executive director of the Norwich Business Improvement District (BID) commented: “This is very positive news for Norwich and signals a continued and important investment in the city and its retail offer in these challenging times.

“Chantry Place, with its highly suitable new name, plays a major role in the success of Norwich as a destination for local people and visitors alike, while attracting and retaining quality retailers for the city. I am looking forward to this exciting next stage in the centre’s journey.”

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