Nicholson Quarter scheme in Maidenhead town centre approved

Plans for the £500m redevelopment of the Nicholsons shopping centre in Maidenhead town centre have been approved.

The 1970s single-storey Nicholsons Centre will be taken down and replaced by Nicholson Quarter.

The new mixed-use complex will see: Up to 60 shops and restaurants, 346 new homes,  307 extra care/senior living homes, 322,000 sq ft of new office space, 855 bicycle spaces, 125 electric vehicle charging points, the planting of 173 new trees, and 1.5 acres of open space.

Buildings are set to reach up to 25 storeys in a scheme that is being hailed as one of the UK’s first shopping centre to town centre conversions.

Frederic Jariel, Co-Head of Real Estate at investor Tikehau Capital, said: “We are very pleased to see the transformational application for the Nicholson Quarter be approved last night and thank the officers and Councillors for their support.”

Rob Tincknell, Partner at developer Areli Real Estate, said: “This is a great result, not just for Maidenhead but for the entire UK as it demonstrates a way forward for the regeneration of our towns.

“We are so pleased to have developed these plans in close cooperation with the community and to have achieve such a positive unanimous vote is really encouraging.”

Images of the proposed regeneration of The Nicholson Centre in Maidenhead (Image: Areli Real Estate)

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