Laings gets a facelift at St David’s

Laings The Jewellers has unveiled its new-look showroom at Cardiff’s St David’s on Saturday 16 October as it officially relaunches.

The expansion project, which has seen the existing showroom more than treble in size to 4,735sq ft, features dedicated diamond and jewellery areas, providing guests with the opportunity to view carefully curated collections in an immersive environment.

Stuart McDowell, Managing Director of Laings, said: “This expansion reaffirms our commitment to in-store experiences – and to Cardiff, a vibrant city with a thriving retail scene. The showroom is the exclusive home to some of the most sought-after luxury brands and we’ve worked hand-in-hand with our partners to create a truly immersive environment for our clients. Being able to showcase these esteemed brands in our signature space is sure to inspire both our clientele and those working in the industry.”  

Russell Loveland, Senior Portfolio Director for Landsec, the co-owners and asset managers of St David’s, added: “The launch of the upgraded Laings showroom at St David’s exemplifies our approach to foster ongoing relationships with our retailers, providing opportunities for them to grow and thrive. As part of this portfolio-wide approach, we work closely with our brand partners to ensure they create a bespoke product choice for our guests, and something that sets each destination apart.”

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