Interactive art installation lights up Camden Market Hawley Wharf

LabTech, owners of Camden Market, has unveiled a new public art installation at Camden Market Hawley Wharf.

Titled Helicoidal Mirror, the interactive light installation is positioned within the development’s skewed railway arch, and has been designed and installed by multidisciplinary art practice, Jason Bruges Studio.

Consisting of 10 interactive digital totems, in which movement is mirrored every time someone walks past, the art installation transforms the existing arch into an immersive portal that embraces spontaneous moments of theatre.

Commenting on the signing, Maria Berger, art director at LabTech said: “Helicoidal Mirror is yet another fantastic addition to Camden Market Hawley Wharf, and fits into our community-driven ecosystem perfectly. The interactive nature of the installation provides a significant point of difference for the destination, and showcases our desire to invest in projects that create a real sense of place for our visitors.”

Jason Bruges, founder and creative director of Jason Bruges Studio, added: “With Helicoidal Mirror, the aim was to celebrate what already exists on site at Camden Market Hawley Wharf. I was intrigued by the way the historic arch frames and distorts the world around it. It simultaneously conceals and reveals what exists beyond.

“Helicoidal Mirror simply seeks to enhance this by adding layers and textures of light that only become apparent when people are interacting with it, and only stands to add another element of dynamism to the destination.”

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