Bad Vegan to make debut at Buck Street Market

LabTech, owner of Camden Market, has announced the signing of plant-based restaurant Bad Vegan for its first-ever site at Buck Street Market, the UK’s first eco-conscious consumer market.

The new food brand focuses on providing a fundamentally vegan menu, as part of its mission to introduce more people to plant-based food, whilst also offering non-vegan toppings and sides, to cater to people who want to consume more plant-based food but follow a non-vegan diet, with strict kitchen protocols in place to ensure no cross-contamination.

The fast-food restaurant has taken two of Buck Street Market’s shipping containers, covering 415 sq ft on the top floor of the eco-conscious food and retail destination.

Set to launch in the summer, the Bad Vegan menu will offer a range of innovative vegan ‘hero’ dishes, alongside vegan shakes and unique partnership beers with the iconic Camden Town Brewery.

Commenting on the opening, Maggie Milosavljevic, LabTech’s commercial director, said: “At the very heart of Buck Street Market’s ethos is sustainability, and Bad Vegan complements this perfectly, with a menu offer focused on veganism and a mission statement to have more people eating more plant-based food. This is the ideal location to nurture this brand and this idea, and we are confident Bad Vegan will attract vegan and non-vegan fans alike.”

Mark Emms, founder of Bad Vegan, added: “Our principles are simple – we want to encourage people to make small changes to their diet, incorporating more plant-based food. We know that a growing number of consumers want to commit to this, but a purely vegan diet isn’t for everyone, so by adding a small amount of non-vegan elements our food retains familiarity whilst being predominantly vegan. Buck Street Market, and Camden generally, embraces sustainability like no other destination, so this is the perfect place to build the Bad Vegan brand.”

LabTech acted on behalf of Buck Street Market, Bad Vegan dealt direct.

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