Nettlefield quits Calendar Club

As pioneering property director Bill Nettelfield stands down after 19 years to pursue other opportunities, specialist retailer Calendar Club is about to embark on its annual hunt to acquire over 270 short-term mall and shop units for Christmas 2017, together with 40 for its Halloween fascia to meet the rapidly growing demand for Halloween-related goods.

Bristol-based Williams Gunter Hardwick will lead the search in the southern half of the UK, while Barker Proudlove of Leeds takes responsibility for acquiring units in the northern half.

Around 160 mall units have already been secured to trade later in the year with the newly retained agents tasked with securing the required 110-120 shops across the UK for calendars, which are ideally 800 – 1,000 sq ft and a further 40 stores for Halloween at around 1,200-1,500 sq ft.

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