NCP enters enforcement market

NCP to target free retail and leisure sites

NCP has launched a management solutions team to target retail and leisure non-chargeable parking markets in a bid to challenge the incumbent – largely ANPR-based – service providers.

The new business unit within NCP’s existing infrastructure will take an offer to landlords, management companies, retail park and shopping centre owners, as well as leisure businesses, as NCP expands the range of its offer.

The launch comes as research shows four in ten avoid retail and leisure destinations where parking rules are unclear while a quarter admit they’ve put off trips in fear of receiving a PCN. With this in mind NCP says it will put a “considerate enforcement” approach at its heart to ensure that clients’ customer relationships are protected from errors and over-zealous enforcement of rules.

Max Crane-Robinson, commercial director at NCP said: “In the wake of the reports of a number of issues at parking operators where behaviour of frontline staff and of senior management has been found – at best – questionable and rightly resulting in their loss access to the DVLA, we need to take a look at the model itself, rather than believe that the behaviour of a few unscrupulous staff members is the cause of the issues.

“We believe by combining human intervention with technology-based solutions, we can deliver a superior service that attracts those who want to park and enjoy a retail or leisure destination, while effectively managing those who transgress.”

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