Footfall rises

Springboard report a good week for bricks and mortar traffic

UK bricks and mortar destinations performed strongly last week, with both weekly and annual increases in footfall, according to Springboard.

Across all destinations, footfall rose by +2.8 per cent from the week before, and it was also +1.4 per cent higher than week 38 last year.

In contrast with previous weeks, high streets were the key performers with noticeable increases on both weekly and annual bases; footfall rose by +4.8 per cent from the week before versus a drop of -0.9 per cent last year, and the year on year increase of +3.0 per cent represented a significant bounce back from a drop of -3.7 per cent in 2018.

Retail parks continued their strong performance, with a  rise in footfall of +0.6 per cent from the week before and +1.4 per cent year on year.  In contrast, shopping centres, whilst footfall also increased over the week (by +0.8 per cent) it once again declined noticeably on an annual basis (by -2.1 per cent).

Geographically, footfall rose from the week before universally across all UK areas, increasing by as much as +5.9 per cent in Northern Ireland by +3.6 per cent in Wales, by +3.2 per cent in the South West and by +3.0 per cent in Scotland.  Even on an annual basis, footfall rose in six geographies and in three of the four areas where footfall declined it averaged just -0.6 per cent.

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