Footfall has back to school slump

Springboard records 2.8 per cent drop in pedestrian traffic

Following the return to work and school for most of the country, footfall slipped against the previous week by -2.8 per cent, but with an annual drop of just -0.9 per cent. Both of which are an improvement upon the results of the same week in 2017, which saw numbers drop -3.6 per cent week on week and an annual change of -1.2 per cent. Results across all location types changed from mid-week; as schools returned, shopper numbers declined.

The results are relatively resilient in comparison to the current year to date performance of each format. Shopping Centres saw the greatest impact of consumer behaviour this week with a drop of -2.0 per cent against the same week last year, but an improved result than the -3.0 per cent year to date. Similarly, the annual drop of -0.6 per cent for high streets outperforms the overall result for the year of -2.3 per cent. Retail Park performance, seemingly the most resilient of current retail formats, performed on par with the year, with results of -0.4 per cent (year on year) for the week and -0.3 per cent for the year so far.

Few regions survived the drop with 8 out of 10 regions seeing a decline, but both Greater London and the South East experienced an improvement with Greater London growing both against the previous week by +1.5 per cent and last year by +0.2 per cent.

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