Boxing day footfall drops 8.6 per cent

Springboard reports a significant fall from boxing day 2018

Retail intelligence experts Springboard announced the final outcome for Boxing Day UK bricks and mortar retail destinations, reporting a drop in footfall of -8.6 per cent from Boxing Day the previous year.

Footfall improved over the day, however, rising from a drop of -10.6 per cent over the period up to 12pm and -9.8 per cent up to 5pm. After 5pm, the drop in footfall was much more modest, at just -5.1 per cent.

Diane Wehrle, insights director at Springboard commented: “This is further evidence that consumers are now shopping later in the day on Boxing Day. The demand from consumers for trips to bricks and mortar destinations that include other activities such as leisure and eating out, as well as shopping, continues to strengthen.

“It is clear that consumers visited high streets more in the early evening than during the day, with footfall improving from -13.8 per cent up to 5pm to -6.5 per cent between 5pm and midnight.  This is not unexpected as high streets have more independent stores, a greater proportion of which will have been closed on Boxing Day.”

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