Abbey Centre eases customer journey

Swarco Traffic has installed a new parking guidance system at one of Northern Ireland’s premier shopping centres, Abbey Centre, Belfast, which has 1,265 free car parking spaces. The investment is part of a major rebrand and redevelopment to attract new retailers and enhance the customer experience.

The contract covered a combination of seven variable message signs and seven car parking count sensors that combine to alert visitors to where spaces are available. The sensors automatically report to the relevant VMS on how many spaces are available at each of the centre’s car parks. Over 115,000 shoppers visit the centre every week and the installation is already helping to reduce congestion and improve convenience for shoppers.

Additionally, Swarco implemented its PGS Management software that communicates directly to the centre’s management via GPRS. Key strategic information is made available to inform the client’s decision making, and ensuring they are aware of the centre’s peak times – so that the messages displayed can be amended accordingly.

Centre manager Mark Stewart said: “Swarco designed, installed and managed the process seamlessly with all works occurring out of hours to minimise inconvenience to shoppers, retailers and all stakeholders.”

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